About Sweet Boom - Puzzle Game


Sweet Boom - Puzzle Game is a fun game featuring beautiful visuals. Pop all colourful candies on the screen to move on to the next level and have fun.

The sweet candies have extremely eye-catching shapes and colours. The number of candies in each level is different. You need to click on them to make them explode and disappear. It sounds simple, but the fact is not. It makes it difficult for you because the number of clicks is limited. You also can not know if your clicks are really right. Their exploding laws are difficult to predict. Each time the mouse is clicked, the candies will change colour and then explode. Try to clear them off the screen and move on to the next level. In addition, there will be a few things to support you, such as rockets. They help you remove more candies at once. Utilize most of the items you see in the game.

This game was created by Stickman vs Monster School Team and released in July 2022. It is played on both Pc and mobile devices, which is similar to Jungle Bubble Shooter.

How to play

Click the mouse to play.

All levels in Sweet Boom - Puzzle Game

Normal levels

There is a total of 60 normal levels in this game. You have to play from the easy levels to the difficult levels. Try to complete all levels and have fun with cute candies.

Extra levels

After completing all normal levels, the extra levels are unlocked. There are 30 extra levels that you are expected to accomplish. They are more difficult than the normal levels. You have to utilize your logical thinking to win all extra levels.