About Star Blast


A entertaining multiplayer arcade shooter game set in space is called StarBlast. With your own completely upgradeable spaceship, mine asteroids and engage in multiplayer combat. To secure victory, link up with your teammates.

How to play


In, there is a fantastic tutorial level that will teach you everything you need to know, from fighting to mining rocks to upgrading your ship. You're prepared to engage in combat online once you've finished this training section.

Choose a game

In StarBlast, there are four game modes. They include pro deathmatch, invasion, team mode, and survivor mode. For a new player, team mode is an excellent place to start because you'll have a team supporting you. Choose one of the following three teams:

  • Federation
  • Trappist colonies that are sovereign
  • Arms of Orion

Gather gems

The StarBlast economy is built on gems. By mining asteroids and killing enemy ships, you can locate them. Simply fire rocks at them until they go off! Aim for rocks that are appropriate for your ship's size and power.

Improve your vessel
With all of those priceless gems you've earned, you can purchase upgrades. You can exchange gems for credits in your team's base to purchase more weaponry in addition to using them to purchase improvements. You can progress to seven ship tiers and gain larger cargo holding capacity.

Compete against other players
A big part of the fun is engaging in battle with other ships. It is advisable to use your speed as a small ship to get away from conflict and mine for resources until you are strong enough to engage in combat. Keep a fresh supply of extra weapons on hand, and boost your attack and defense stats as much as you can!


  • With lots of ship improvements and incentives, the gameplay is enjoyable.
  • Three factions and four fun game modes
  • Spaceship combat are furious in active online games.
  • A vibrant, player-driven modding scene


  • Arrow keys to drive
  • LMB to shoot