About Spongy Rolling Magnet Ball


Spongy Rolling Magnet Ball is an exciting rolling arcade game in which you have to control a ball to roll and use a magnet to suck all the small square pieces.

Are you an enthusiast of arcade games, especially the ball theme? Welcome to this game where you can experience interesting rounds with rolling balls! Your mission is to control a ball to roll and collect all small squares on the ground by the magnet. Be careful with the red bomb. If the ball touch it, the game is over. Try to evade the bomb and collect all the squares on the playing field. The progress bar on the top of the screen will show you whether you are qualified to move on to the next level or not. When this progress bar is full, you can step up to the next level.

This game has simple mechanics and easy controls. Besides, the graphics are colourful and eye-catching. As a result, Spongy Rolling Magnet Ball will bring you wonderful relaxing moments.

How to play

Use your mouse to play the game.

More information about Spongy Rolling Magnet Ball

The levels

There are hundreds of challenging levels in this game. The levels are not shown in the level menu. Instead, the game will start from easy levels and become becomes fiendishly difficult. For example, there are more dangerous obstacles at higher levels. If you want to beat these challenging levels, you have to be patient, flexible and careful. Do your best to complete all levels in the game and have fun.

Developer and Platform

This game was created by Rokito Games. It is initially released in April 2022. You can play it in the web browser on both PC and mobile devices like tablets or mobile phones, which is similar to Penguin Hop.