About Skate Hooligans


Skate Hooligans is a funny driving game which you can be interested in. Drive your skateboard to collect coins and overcome all the obstacles on the road.

This funny game is so easy for every age to play. Your aim is to avoid all the obstructions in the road and collect as many coins as possible. Avoid all obstacles on the road by jumping up or keeping your head down. Use the up arrow key to jump up and the down arrow key to bow down. Collect all the coins and bonuses on your road to skate faster. Use it to upgrade your skateboard or your character.

If you have many coins, you can upgrade your items in the shop, and change your skateboard and characters. Complete the daily challenges and missions to get more coins.

How to play: Use your mouse and click the ARROW keys to play

Developer and platform

This game was made by Gemioli who is the father of Yeti Sensation and Top Shootout: The Saloon. It can be playable on every device such as computers, laptops, tablets, desktops, and smartphones.

Relevant information about Skate Hooligans

Some special missions

You will have 3 special missions. They include collecting 500 coins, scoring 300 points in one run, and picking up 8 bonuses. If you finish a mission, you can take a shield and a number of coins. You can complete it many times. Therefore, turn back the game every day to complete it.

Upgrade some special things

You can see 22 characters in the game such as Kitty, Kasuro, Foxy, Uno, Dino, Shaun, and so on. You need to pay a lot of coins to buy it. Besides, you will have 15 skateboards which you can choose from. Buy it to skate faster and more conveniently. This game also provides 4 main terrains consisting of the downtown, subway, amusement park, and airport. You can find tokens downtown, T-reks in the subway, and air-planes in the amusement park. This is your adventure. You can see it when you overcome all the obstructions in all the terrains.