About Sheep N Sheep


Play Sheep N Sheep eliminate everyone. Only 0.1% of people are said to be able to complete the second level of the daily challenge! Before going to bed, a challenge you can't resist! In addition to the daily challenges, we also offer a normal elimination mode and a traditional level mode, simple and uncompressed. Have a brainstorming contest and play a game whenever you like!

Rules for Sheep N Sheep:

  • The groove below allows for the placement of a total of 7 blocks.
  • Match three identically patterned cells. The tiles will be automatically positioned in the groove below when you click on them.
  • They are immediately eliminated if there are three tiles in the groove with the same texture.
  • Take note: Each round allows you up to 7 moves to remove three identical bricks! Bricks piled high in the ditch indicate failure. Every action matters!

Tiles will have multiple layers in Sheep N Sheep. Only after the tiles in the upper layer are removed can the blocks in the lower layer be removed.
When there are no bricks on the grass, you have completed the level!


  • Easy Match: Thousands of mahjong puzzles that stretch your thinking. traditional elimination techniques. You'll get going quickly thanks to the easy riddles at first, and then the puzzles get more challenging! Are you willing to push yourself? Let's play Sheep n Sheep!
  • Puzzles that are so challenging that just 0.1% of Sheep N Sheep players succeed! Will one of them be you? Come and test your limits!
  • Daily level releases mean that there are new levels available every day. The degree of difficulty is unpredictable, so keep trying, you could be the next Einstein!

Compete against users worldwide

  • The scoreboard will display the number of players who have completed each level in each country. Complete the level as quickly as possible to take The top spot and get the title "King of all children" sheep"!
  • Lots of adorable skins
  • Beat levels to get free skins! You can find more adorable free sheepskins at Sheep N Sheep!