About Secret Office Kissing


Secret Office Kissing is a very funny girl game in which you try to kiss secretly in the office when your boss is not watching and fills ten hearts.

You are falling in love with a handsome male colleague. However, your company forbids romance in the workplace. You cannot control it, but you have to keep your workplace romance a secret. Try to kiss secretly as much as possible when your boss is hearing the phone or getting water from a water cooler. Your workday ends at 5 p.m. Fill 10 loving hearts before the workday is over. Try your best to get as many points as possible. Be careful! If you get caught, you will be fired.

Come on, girls! Click to start an exciting office romance and become the best kisser in the office.

Features of Secret Office Kissing:

  • 10 hearts to complete
  • Great graphics and an original soundtrack

How to play:

  • Press the mouse to kiss