Save The Uncle


What is Save the Uncle? Keep the Uncle Safe

We have introduced Save the Uncle, a logic puzzle game with pins, to our website, and since we all had a great time playing it from start to finish, we have no doubts whatsoever that you will have a great time playing it as well. Other games of a similar genre have been added in the past, and such additions have exuberated our users.

Could you save the Uncle?

Adventurer The Uncle frequently finds himself in dangerous situations, like in caves where huge spiders are ready to suffocate him.

Your goal in each level is to help him get through the exit door so that you may move on to the more difficult one.

Click and pull pins with the mouse to accomplish this. Pulling the pins will force characters to move and become free, so take care to assist the Uncle in getting to his door without setting off any critters or other dangers because if you do and he is captured and killed, the level will be lost. Have fun, good luck, and we sincerely hope you continue playing because we would never pass up the opportunity to introduce you to additional fantastic games that are constantly arriving here!