About Sausage Dog


With the help of this adorable Sausage Dog, plunge into a serene adventure! A sweet sausage dog wants you to join him on his stroll through the park. It's incredibly simple to get along with him. Are you willing to enjoy yourself with him?

This little cutie pie wants to go for a stroll in a quiet park on a platform that is convenient for walking. He doesn't want to walk alone, so we are there to accompany him. You'll see treats like ice cream and cupcakes along the way that will cheer up our little dog. Therefore, remember to gather those. There will be some difficulties in his path as well. For instance, when you place boxes on the buttons that open them, some closed doors will open. When you comply with the requests of the guards at those doors, some other closed areas will open. You are good to go if you can keep an eye on your whereabouts and your collection of items. For 20 levels, just relax and enjoy strolling around with our little dog. Enjoy yourself while completing each level!


  • 2D graphics in color
  • Gorgeous sausage dog
  • Animated platforms
  • 20 levels to complete


The arrows on the screen or your arrow keys can be used to control the dog.