About Restoration Master


Restoration Master is a fun arcade game. Your task is to turn old items back into new ones, unlock as many items as possible and earn a lot of dollars.

Imagine one day, you receive a parcel, but you cannot recognize what is inside because they are dusty, dirty, and rusty. You are entirely unpredictable when you first open the box. You need to spray water on it. Make sure that any part of the item is wet. Then spray the cleaner on the entire surface. Use a detergent to clean it. You will be surprised by the items you receive. They can be a knife, a gun, cooking utensils, repair tools, etc. Continue your work until the item is polished. If there is still a stain, the item has not been accepted by the system, and you need to clean it further. When you complete certain levels, you will be given gifts. Chests with many mysterious gifts are waiting for you. You are allowed to choose three of the chests. The gift you can receive can be dollars or diamonds.

A game that keeps you entertained for your leisure. You will be surprised by the objects that you clean. There are many different levels and different items for you to participate in. Good luck.

Features of Restoration Master:

  • Various levels with different items.
  • Excellent picture, vivid sound.
  • The mission is simple but engaging.
  • Can open chests to receive more unique gifts.

How to play:

Use the mouse to play.