About Restaurant Rush


Restaurant Rush is a fascinating arcade game where you will establish your restaurant, and your mission is to make it grow as successfully as possible.

The game is extremely simple to help you experience the process of setting up a restaurant like. The first restaurant will have only you and you have to do all the jobs there such as collecting money, serving customers, cooking and washing dishes. You will be doing all the work, so it will be challenging and time-consuming. However, you will be able to receive money from your guests. Occasionally there will be a few Vip Clients who will pay you a higher amount than others for your service. The money you collect will be used for many things. You click on the Upgrade section to be able to hire more employees such as chefs, VIP chefs, dishwashers, male waiters, and VIP waiters who will help not do too many things at the same time. In addition, you can also upgrade some things for the restaurant such as Dishes Stock, Dishes In Hand, Dish Price, and Cast Register Capacity.

Let's join this exciting game together. The game is not too difficult for you but will train you to persevere and work hard to develop your own restaurant to become thriving.

Features of Restaurant Rush:

  • Easy to control.
  • Can upgrade many items such as Workers or Restaurants.
  • There is no level, the challenge depends on the growth of the restaurant.
  • Delightful graphics.

How to play:

Use the mouse to control.