Rayman's Incrediballs Dodge


In the multiplayer game Rayman's Incrediballs Dodge, your goal is to be the last person standing in the arena. For as long as you can, choose one of the more than 20 amusing Incrediballs and take advantage of their special abilities to avoid the dangers of the jungle.

Rayman's Incrediballs Dodge instructions

  • Move in any direction by using the arrow keys, and collect five booster items to give yourself a momentary advantage.
  • For instance, using the boxing gloves will allow you to shove obstacles or rivals out of the way.
  • Collect the hearts to increase your life total as well as the fireflies and fairies to increase your score.
  • You may occasionally even get the chance to instantly remove all the fairies from an entire playfield. By using them, you can access over 30 Incrediballs across three classes.
  • Of course, you need stay away from obstacles like spiked vines and stones. Keep an eye out for the holes in the ground as well to avoid falling in! Steer clear of flying objects like the fireball!
  • Creeping fog will also occasionally impair your ability to see. This industry offers many of opportunities as well as many risks.