About Ramp Car Jumping


Ramp In the driving game Car Jumping, you send your car flying off a big ramp and into different objects. Smash through everything in your way, do spins, and fly as far as you can! When you reach each goal, you can buy cars and open up new tracks in Ramp Car Jumping game.

What to Do

Put your car in the air

Enter or click to make the car go as fast as it can down the ramp. When you get to the end of the ramp, your car will give you an extra push by letting go of its boost. At the end of each run, you get gold based on how far you went, how many tricks you did, and how many times you crashed.

Get to the end of the line

By upgrading your engine and boost, you can drive farther. Get to new things you can smash through with force. Each time, you'll go farther until you hit the finish line and can move on to the next track.

Buy brand-new cars.

Ramp Car Jumping has a lot of different cars to choose from. You can buy many well-known sports cars and racing cars. When you have enough cars, you can play trucks and draw game.

Play against someone else.

See who can jump their car off a ramp the best! In vs mode, you can play against a friend or an enemy.


  • Send cars high into the air.
  • Break through barriers
  • Buy and improve new cars.
  • Play against someone nearby.


  • Enter / Space / L-click = speed / select
  • Left-click means to use the button in the game.
  • Move the marked menu with WASD or the arrow keys
  • Backspace means "back"
  • XM means "return to the main menu." (in VS mode)