About Plants


Participate in the exciting plant battles in Plants! Grow many kinds of plants to defeat all dangerous monsters and protect your house from them.

The evil monsters are coming to your house. Your mission is to grow many kinds of plants to fight against monsters and protect your house. Each plant has a unique function. The splash flowers can produce many strikes which are used to purchase more plants. Attempt to collect as many strikes as possible. Grow the green defence plants which can shoot the monsters at a long distance. Besides, dragon fruits will explode all rivals stepping on them and the blue grapes can slow down their speed for 10 seconds. The corpse flowers will eat any opponent near them. Corn cannons can damage the enemies in nearby 6 blocks. You can use the olive nuts to block the way of your enemies. Try to arrange all plants reasonably. You can remove any plant by using a shovel. Note that the game is over if the monsters reach your house. Therefore, try your best to kill all your enemies before they reach your house.

Like Boom Battle Arena, this game also has many levels. Specifically, there is a total of 25 levels with increasing degrees of difficulty. Do your best to accomplish all of them.

How to play

Use the mouse to play

Some strategies to beat all enemies in Plants

Grow two splash flowers first

Strikes are really important as you can use them to purchase a variety of plants. Therefore, you should the splash flowers first. However, don't try to grow too many splash flowers at the start of the battle. Two flowers are enough for you.

Grow the green defence plants after that

The green defence plants are the cheapest plant in the store. At the start of the battle, you don't have many strikes to buy more expensive plants. Thus, green defence plants are the best choice. You can use them to stop the enemies temporarily.

Use the dragon fruit or the corpse flower when necessary

Dragon fruit and corpse are really expensive in the store. Therefore, you don't waste your money buying them when the rivals are still far away. However, when the opponents come too close to your house, you need to buy these plants to destroy them instantly.