About Penguin Dinner


Penguin Dinner is a joyful penguin dinner. As a waitress, your mission is to seat all your customers, take their orders and serve them yummy foods.

Penny, the penguin, lost her way and ended up stuck on the top of an icy mountain on an Antarctic trek, She wants to return home to her family, but she doesn't have enough money. Now she works as a waitress at a local dinner. Can you help her to earn enough money to get back home?

Your mission is super simple. Firstly, you have to seat all the customers once they arrive. Then, if a customer says "Hello", it indicates that he/she is ready to order. At this time, you have to click on the customer or their table to take their order. The food will appear in the food area when the order is ready. Your duty is to carry food to the right table to serve customers. Pick up cash and clear the table once the customer is done. Try your best to handle your work and earn as much money as possible.

Features of Penguin Dinner:

  • Multiple tasks to accomplish
  • Easy to play
  • Awesome 2D graphics and energetic music

How to play:

Use the mouse to play