About Papers Grade Please


Papers Grade Please - How intelligent do you believe you are? I hope you have the intelligence to grade your students' responses! It's up to you to understand what's right and wrong when children say the funniest things. Depending on their responses, assign students an A or an F. You might get the wrong answer because not all of them are geniuses, so be careful!

Students will make an effort to be humorous and value your responses. Even if it's funny, it's still wrong! Hurt that kid! We don't like that they're trying to be funny. Verify their proficiency in geography, English, and math. Even some of the responses might make you feel like a learned professor. You are starting your teaching career by helping these kids and getting them ready for college.

Game Features

1. Make a wise decision: May you outsmart these 5th graders in intelligence! Some inquiries might even make you confused!

2. Several playable levels: You have a ton of enjoyable and difficult questions to respond to and score.

3. Family-friendly fun: This game will make you laugh and reflect, regardless of your profession as a teacher, substitute, professor, or not at all.

4. Easy to Learn and Enjoy Games: You won't be able to stop once you've started. It's like you're back in school again as you respond to inquiries, break up fights during breaks, and monitor house arrest!