Paper Flight


Airplanes: Paper Flight is an app inspired by paper airplanes that fly from room to room in the house, which we learned from our father and made us feel like a pilot. We've added a little excitement and a little fantasy to these warm feelings. We think it is an application that you will enjoy and good for your boredom in your spare time. Paper Flight is not a flight simulator. It doesn't teach the best paper airplanes through plane reviews or origami. Your paper plane is elsewhere, and environmental rules allow you to make a long-range flights for others.

Paper Flight, a program that was inspired by the paper airplanes we used to fly around the home as children and that gave us a sense of flight, was created. To these nice sentiments, we added some anticipation and fantasy. We believe it is an application you will enjoy and that will help you pass the time when you are bored. A flying simulator is not Paper Flight. The best paper plane cannot be learned by origami or plane appraisal. You can produce long-distance flying for others thanks to your paper airplane and environmental regulations.

Requires Flight Paper Plane Game

  • Start by launching the paper plane.
  • Once your plane has taken flight, you can control it with a turbo.
  • With airborne, you can gain points. Yellow offers an extra boost of strength and points.
  • Extra electricity is provided by paper cranes. It's advisable to utilize fuel sparingly.

By advancing through the levels, you can win the game.