About Overloaded Bus


Overloaded Bus is a fun arcade game for you to entertain and relax. Your mission is to help passengers board and exit the bus in order to earn gold coins.

In this game, you can help passengers simply board and exit the bus by pressing and holding the screen for a few seconds. However, note that a bus with too many people will result in an explosion. Therefore, you should close attention to the bus's capacity for passengers! If the bus turns orange, it means that all seats on the bus are filled. When the bus turns red, you have to release the mouse to stop immediately. Try to pick up all passengers to move on to the next level and earn cash.

This game is the most exciting squeeze the bus game of the year, thanks to its unique gameplay mechanics. Like Penguin Hop, this game is also suitable for children. Furthermore, the mechanics are easy and simple to operate. It is anticipated that you will have a terrific and entertaining time while playing this game.

How to play

Click and hold the left mouse to pick up or drop off.

Release to stop

Impressive features of Overloaded Bus

Many challenging levels

This game has many levels with increasing degrees of difficulty. The higher the level, the more passengers you have to pick up and drop off. Try to keep the number of passengers balanced on each bus. Do your best to complete all levels and have fun.

The shop

It sells a variety of characters at different prices. These characters are inspired by famous characters in Hollywood movies. You can see batman, green hulk, red monster and so on. Keep in mind that the more expensive the character is, the more profit it gives. Therefore, try to earn as much money as possible to purchase the most expensive character in the shop.