About Om Nom Bounce


Om Nom Bounce is a fantastic battle game with the objective of shooting down all enemies in the grid and collecting as many projectiles as possible.

Help! Spider Wizard has captured your friends! You must help Om Nom save them. Your objective is to aim accurately and shoot down all spiders. Projectiles are used to defeat your enemies. attempt to collect as many projectiles as possible to shoot more. Be careful with the paint projectiles of the spider. You will lose blood if you are hit. Always pay attention to the blood bar. If you run out of blood, the game is over. Try your best to kill all your opponents to step up to the next level. In the talent tree, you can use projectiles to upgrade the talent of Om Nom. Purchase more boosters in the shop. A luxurious chest is full of treats. Remember that you have only 3 lives. If you lose a level, you lose one life. Over time, you will regain hearts.

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How to control

  • Click the left mouse button to aim
  • Release the left mouse button to shoot

More exciting information about Om Nom Bounce

The boosters

This game offers three boosters which assist you a lot as the game progresses. Each booster has a distinct function. You need to understand their functions and use them wisely.

  • x2 Damage: This booster is unlocked at level 9. It will double the damage of the projectiles.
  • Om Nom Bounce: When you use this booster, Om Nom will roll into the field. It will cause extreme damage and heal upon return.
  • Shockwave: If you can complete level 14, this booster will be unlocked. If you use this booster, Om Nom will jump in the air to land a devasting blow. This will cause damage to the first 3 rows of enemies

Developer and Platform

This game was created by ZeptoLab and was released in Jun 2022. It is available in the web browser and can be accessed on both PC and mobile devices.