About Nickelodeon Basketball Stars 2


Welcome to an interesting sports game called Nickelodeon Basketball Stars 2. Become famous cartoon characters and perform skillful dunks to beat your rivals.

This game will satisfy you because of its simple rules. Your responsibility is to gain control of the ball and throw them into the basket to become the winner. Before beginning the game, you need to choose the game mode. There are 3 modes of the game including quick match, championship, and all-stars.

In the quick match mode, you need to choose the game type, the level, and your character. Then, use your arrow keys to move, turn left, turn right, or jump up. You can have a double jump with the up arrow key. Try to get the ball from your enemies. Use the spacebar key to steal the ball and perform your dunks. Then, aim in the direction of your ball. When you get close to your basket, use the spacebar and up arrow key to perform the slam dunk. In addition, if you fill-up the power bar in the left corner, you can perform a mega dunk. During the match, you can see some trophies which can support you to have a perfect dunk. Thanks to them, you can fly in the cloud or have fire sneakers. If you play in a 2-player type, your AI teammate will support you.

The second mode is the championship. You will have 6 matches with intensifying difficulty. You also need to choose your character and perform skillful dunks to beat your enemies. However, in this mode, you will not have any teammates to support you. If you win 6 matches, you will get the cup.

In the last mode, choose your favorite version of the game among a 3-point shootout, a dunk challenge, or a round of H.O.R.S.E. Then, choose the number of players and characters. In this mode, you will throw the ball from many different locations. To throw the ball easily, you need to jump up the platform.

You will receive a poster in the Hall of Fame with each mega dunk. If you complete some goals in the achievement, you will get some special rewards. You will receive a cup when you finish 6 matches in championship mode. Let's help your favorite heroes defeat all opponents and become the best basketball player.

How to play

Click the ARROW keys to move

Use the UP ARROW key to jump up and perform a double jump

Press the SPACEBAR key to steal the ball and perform a dunk

Some useful information about Nickelodeon Basketball Stars 2

The characters of the game

This game brings several characters. There are 14 characters consisting of Donnie, Mikey, Raph, Leo, Kid Danger, Spongebob, Patrick, Foo, Fee, Lincoln, Captain Man, Lynn, Red Ranger, and Pink Ranger. Each character will have a distinctive ability. You need to think carefully before choosing one of them to have a good match.

Spectacular achievements

There are 17 engaging achievements. They are championship, goon, stretcher, photomaton, slam dunk, blocker, shooter, shoe aficionado, overachiever, sharpshooter, swish, dunk master, dunker, horsing around, gotta pick em all, party animal. With each achievement, you need to complete the challenge to take it. Some prime challenges are to win a championship, get hit 20 times in a match, unlock all the posters, make 15 dunks in the dunk challenge, player 1 wins the horse challenge, and so on.