About Murder


Murder is an amazing arcade game. In this game, you have to murder the King if you play as a murderer. If you play as a King, try to catch all your murderers.

With dramatic twists, this game is extremely popular on social media platforms now. Have you tried it? Don't hesitate! Click to play this game now. Like We Become What We Behold, the mechanics of this game is also really simple. In this game, you play as a murderer or a King.

If you are a murderer, your mission is to find an opportunity to kill the King. Press a SPACEBAR to recharge until the progress bar is full. Be careful! The King can look back at any time. If you get caught, you will be imprisoned until death. Try your best to murder the King to replace him.

When you become a King, you need to be wary of a person who follows behind you. He can be a Joker, a murderer or a servant. He can do the same thing as you did. Press a SPACEBAR to look back to catch him. Attempt to survive until you are old and die. After dying, the murderer will replace you and you will become a murderer. Do your best to assassinate him to regain the throne.

How to play

Press a "SPACEBAR" to play

Developer and Platform

This game was created by Studio Seufz who is based in Stuttgart, Germany. It was released in 2014 and is available in the web browser. Right after its launch, it attracted many players over the world thanks to its funny endings. The game can be played on both PC and mobile devices.

Some tips and tricks to play Murder

Don't be afraid to let your knife drop if the king looks back.

The sequence of getting caught is to be imprisoned until death. Therefore, you need to be careful every time. Whenever the King raises his head or sneezes or blinks, it means that he is about to look back. Therefore, you should drop your knife as soon as he does that. Actually, it is not vital to assassinate the King at all costs. You can wait for him to die and steal his crown to become the next King.

If you're the king, don't look back and imprison the butler in orange

It is possible to say that the butler in orange is the most loyal person in the castle. When he raises his hand, he just wants to give you a glass of wine. If you let him follow you until the end, you will see another surprising ending. It is that you will go to the throne and become the greatest king instead of being old to die.

Be wary of the persons who hold the weapon

The murderer and the Joker are two characters who hold a knife and lance. They certainly attempt to kill you at all costs. Therefore, whenever you see them raising their weapons, you should look back immediately to catch them.