About Monster Busters: Match 3 Puzzle


Puzzles are finished. The ultimate puzzle game king! The Match 3 game, which more than 20 million users from abroad adore. Enjoy Monster Busters: Match 3 Puzzle, the best game that has received over 10,000,000 downloads!
All ages will enjoy playing the match-3 puzzle game Monster Busters.
Save the gingerbread cookie friends by matching monsters of the same color! Enjoy the entertaining challenges on each and every stage.
Install the top match-3 puzzle game on your smartphone and begin the adventure right away!
Are you prepared to embark on an adventure to free your trapped cookie friends from the Monster Tower?

Monster Busters Features

Be a Hero to Save Your Friend

Anybody could save the gingerbread friends who were imprisoned in the monster tower. Your friends have been kidnapped by not-so-scary, but rather adorable monsters while they were playing with you! They need not worry, however, as they have brave friends who will help them. It's you, too! Let's ascend the monster tower to look for your friends again.

All Alive Characters

In contrast to most other games, even the characters you're fighting against can be seen moving up and down the monster tower. This adds to the game's added fun and lively energy. Finding your own approach for each character to win the missions is interesting and enjoyable as well! missions that are difficult but completely feasible.

Play with Your Loving Ones

You can play this game with your grandmother, father, kids, friends, and other family members of all ages. While you're together, play Monster Busters and talk about it. Additionally, you can make new friends from around the globe!
Join Facebook and assist one another whenever a friend needs it! Check out the competition to see who will win!
Sign up now! are eager to embark on this heroic journey to save the gingerbread with you! The real fun has just begun!