About Mob Control


Welcome to Mob Control which is an engaging io game. Shoot people in the highest multiple gates to increase your crowd and defeat the crow from your enemy.

This game is so easy for you to play. Control the gun to launch the blue stickmen. You can see multiple gates in the game. Choose the most suitable and the highest multiple gates to increase the mob of your army. Then, release them to attack the base of your enemies. Let them run through the gates to multiply them or add soldiers to your army. Each blue stickman will defeat a red stickman. After that, you can come to the red castle to complete the round. Don't launch your stickmen to go through the red gate. Sometimes, you can release giant power to support you to kill enemies faster.

Some noteworthy things about Basket Random

Your bases in the game

You can have 3 main bases including the Evergreen Castle, Antarctica Outpost, and New York City. You need to earn many coins to unlock and build your bases. For example, Evergreen Castle requires 5% extra coins, Antarctica Outpost needs 9 % extra coins, and New York City requires 13 % extra coins.

Upgrade your strength

After each level, you can upgrade your stickmen to be stronger in the next levels. You can upgrade some things such as first-rate, giant power, and reward. You need to pay a large amount of money to have it. That money will be increased after each level.

Try to win as much as possible to get a high score and earn a lot of coins. After the level, you can use your coins to build your bases and upgrade your item in the shop. If you collect enough coins, you can receive a treasure chest.

How to play: Use your mouse to play

Developer and platform

This game is developed by Voodoo company. It was published in January 2023. You can play this game on a computer, laptop, or phone.