About Mission PAW


The team of pups have now transformed into secret agents on a retrieval mission, and you are invited to assist them so that it is a success, as have all of their other missions, in Mission PAW, the most recent thrilling adventure we invite you all to have in the world of Paw Patrol Games online, which frequently draw inspiration from various other media.

Investigate with Mission PAW online!

With a queen to guard, a crown that must not be taken by villains, items to collect along the way, and even dogs disguised as waiters to go undercover in the castle where your current mission is taking place, this game has everything a spy story could ask for.

Use the up and down arrow keys to navigate the river as you swim toward the castle, collecting dog treats along the way to raise your score. Be careful not to hit any obstacles along the way, such as boots, fish swimming nearby, or natural traps like vortexes.

We hope that you will complete the mission, despite any obstacles it presents you with, and wish you a ton of fun and good luck.

How to play?

Use the arrows.