About Might & Magic Armies


In the universe of Might & Magic Armies, command your army in a never-ending conflict. It began long before you were born, and it won't end with you, but that doesn't stop you from enjoying a lengthy reign over this country. Bring together your bravest warriors, and build an army worthy of your power. Unlock additional Might & Magic characters to play as, and use their unique powers to dominate battles.

The players' numbers indicate their strength, and the main objective is to have the most populated army in order to be the most strong on the battlefield. Start by avoiding armies and gathering helmets to enlist soldiers as your commander has none at first.Soldiers are equipped with all helmets, however their rates of strength vary according to hue. You earn the most points from soldiers wearing gold helmets, while bronze soldiers earn the least. When you first start farming, you can hide inside of trees. Then, when you feel strong enough to take on others, you can come out into the world. Avoid the edge fogs since they will kill your men and lower your score. Gain maturity with each win you achieve and dominate the entire world.


  • Vivid 2D graphics
  • Might & Magic chibi characters
  • 12 skins with distinct skills
  • A multiplayer combat environment


You can use your mouse, arrow keys, or "W, A, S, D" to move and spacebar to speed up.