Market Boss


Market Boss is a highly addictive arcade game. In this game, your mission is to manage a large supermarket and earn as much money as possible.

Play this game now to become the boss of a supermarket. Your mission is to collect the goods in the stock room and then move them to all the shelves in the supermarket. Don’t leave any shelve empty if you don’t want to lose your customers. Try to keep all shelves stocked to earn as much money as possible. Collect the money case to get more money. Don’t forget to clean the puddles on the floor to avoid slipping. Expand your supermarket by opening new sectors such as drink, meat, organics and candies sectors. Hire a cashier to help you collect payment and more staff to fulfil all the shelves. You can double the number of customers to earn money more quickly. If you have enough money, you can open a new market. After that, attempt to open as many supermarkets as possible to become the boss of a chain of large supermarkets.

Don’t wait anymore! Click the Play button to play this interesting game now and have fun. Share this game with your friends and play it together.

Features of Market Boss:

  • Many sectors in the supermarket
  • Simple controls
  • Colourful 3D graphics and catchy sound effects

How to play:

Use the mouse to play