About Love Tester 3


Love Tester 3 is a very amazing arcade game in which you can enter your name and your partner's name to check how much he or she loves you.

Do you wonder if your partner truly loves you? Do you wonder if your crush loves you too? Don't worry! Click to check it now. With the modern calculator, Love Tester 3 will give the most accurate result. Just enter your name and your lover's name and then the love detector will help you to calculate the love percentage of your girlfriend, boyfriend, or crush. If Love Tester 3 provides a score of more than 50%, it indicates that your lover extremely loves you. Reversely, if the result is less than 30%, don't be disappointed. Love requires effort and real love takes time to develop. You can do everything to make him/ her crave for you and then check it again. Good luck!

Features of Love Tester 3:

  • High accuracy.
  • Easy to play.
  • Lovely graphics and listenable sound effects

How to play:

  • Enter your names and check