About Love Tester 2


Love Tester 2 is a funny arcade game in which you can enter your name and your lover's name in the love detector to test how much he or she loves you.

In a loving relationship, we sometimes have doubts about the love of the partner. You are wondering how much your lover loves you and if it is true love, right? Don't worry! Love Tester 2 will resolve your doubts. Just type your name and your boyfriend or girlfriend's name in the name bar. Then the detector will calculate the love percentage of your sweetheart. If the result is more than 50%, it indicates that you are a match made in heaven. Keep going! Contrarily, if the result is less than 40%, don't be disappointed. Real love takes time to develop. Besides, the detector also gives you some useful advice for you

Come on! Click to test your love right now!

Features of Love Tester 2:

  • High accuracy
  • Easy to play
  • Captivating graphics and catchy music tunes.

How to play:

  • Enter your names and test