About Pocket Tower


Pocket Tower is that you build your ideal skyscraper while also creating businesses, making money, and engaging in rivalry with other players. That's excellent, but what if you believe that just one building is insufficient?
You're fortunate! More ambitious gamers can build their own cities, invite other people to reside there, and make it the best city ever. The developers have you covered.
Whose city is the sexiest, you ask? View the list of the best cities. If you achieve a high enough ranking, it will be obvious to everyone that you possess genuine commercial acumen and that your city is the best in the country.

How to play

The minute you start the game, you're hooked. When you first start the game, a small, multi-story structure with a few people greets you. They are all eager to go to work, but pay special attention to what they each desire.

Watch out for the elevator. VIP clients will occasionally stop by your tower, and their trips will make your pocketbook a little bit larger! The building also has a whole floor reserved just for celebrities. The more of them that visit, the more reputable your city will be.

Gain your first profits, then start creating new floors and building shops, pubs, and other establishments.

Welcome to the city if your tower has 10 storeys and you still want to do more. You can request to join another's or start your own and serve as its mayor. Bring in other players and cooperate to make improvements to your city.
The game has a general ranking system to make creation and progress even more exciting. Have you have the finest skyscraper around? You then take home the gold medal!

Is the quality of life in your city so fantastic that a large number of people live there and money is plentiful? The other players will be well aware of your superiority over them.

There is no time to come pick up your profit. Hire a personal manager who can take care of things while you're away from home. Overmobile has you covered.


The game features special and city daily duties. You receive amazing benefits for completing them that will advance your company.

like the labyrinth's keys. A chest filled with gamer's treasure—gold coins, bucks, and other cool items you can use to grow your business—will be yours if you manage to open all 10 of the labyrinth's doors without running into any dead ends.

The game's creators frequently astound the players with special offers and occasions that make in-game currency and upgrades for skyscrapers and cities a genuine value.

Want to speak with more seasoned businesspeople? Join the game's in-game chat to communicate with other players.

With breathtaking graphics, lifelike interiors, and a city and characters waiting just for you, Pocket Tower will whisk you away from the monotony of daily life and immerse you in a thrilling world of commerce and economics.

Your wishes from childhood come true! Create your own skyscraper to prove to the world that you are the finest!