About Laser Cannon 3


Prior to the invention of computers, logic puzzles first appeared as collectible books and appeared to be fairly dull. Such collections were not very well-liked because this did not raise much controversy among the populace. But how was this kind of entertainment identified as soon as computer games started to arise, where the same challenges were presented to the player but were weaved into an engaging tale. If you consider an intriguing scenario while playing the free Laser Cannon 3 game, you won't be able to resist. It falls under the category of logic toys.
The primary instrument used when playing online games is called the Laser Cannon 3, which resembles a cannon and shoots a laser beam. You labor in a real hell with thousands of demons, therefore it's good that you are armed with such trustworthy weapons.


Laser Cannon 3 game Although the characters in the video game Laser Cannon 3 appear charming rather than threatening, they nevertheless need to be eliminated. You have received a massive installation for this, and the laser can cut through a heavy metal chain. This was necessary in order to bring down the stone slab that was supported by a heavy chain of anchors and crush the demon that was underneath it.
Due to the hurdles and shelters that each level has for the underworld's residents, your hunts will be erratic and ferocious. For the level of the Laser Gun game to be marked as completed, you must reach every horned creature.

  • Direct hits from cannons at creatures.
  • Large plates on their heads should be broken.
  • Use bounce to slant the beam in the opposite way.
  • 016 Tank Acceleration
  • Destroy protected fields and partitions
  • Method: Effect
  • Obtain stars and points.


  • WASD / arrow keys = move the laser cannon on its rail
  • Move mouse = aim
  • Left-click = shoot laser
  • Hold left-click = shoot power laser