About Jelly Battle


Jelly Fight is the most gorgeous pet jelly puzzle game you'll ever play, so welcome! In our jelly universe, you will have a jelly pet that requires regular feeding, cleaning, and attention from you. The good thing is that you can also personalize it so that it appears precisely how you want it to. Participate in skirmishes with other players to gain nifty loot that can be put to good use with your pet. But tread carefully, for despite what you might believe, combat isn't always as simple as it seems! You have to use your brain if you want to beat a task since jellies are highly intelligent beings.


This game comes with a pet system, which allows you to explore a total of forty different levels with your companion animal, as well as three more skins that may be unlocked.


To have fun while also taking care of your jelly pet, click on the numerous interactions that are available. You also utilize clicks in the fight mode to spread your jelly around the board in order to take over more tiles and ultimately win the game.