About Indian Uphill Bus Simulator 3D


Welcome to Indian Uphill Bus Simulator which is an amazing driving game. Drive the bus to different bus stops to pick up and drop off passengers.

If you are bored of driving an excavator in Real Excavator Simulator, play this game to become an Indian professional bus driver now. Choose the Career Mode or Free mode and start your work. Your duty is to drive safely the bus along the designated route to reach different bus stops. After getting to the bus stop, you need to open the door to pick up. After that, drive the bus to another bus stop to drop off passengers. A terrain road is bendy and bumpy. Therefore, you need to have good driving skills to drive uphill and turn corners. Try not to crash into any people along the way or passengers standing at the bus stop. If they are killed, the game is over. Your ultimate objective is to reach the last stop in the shortest time to step up to the next level.

This game is made from 3D realistic game art animation, so indeed you will have a feel of driving a real bus. Come on! It's a good chance for you to show your professional driving skill. Play this game now and share it with your friends.

How to control

Press "ARROW KEYS" or "WASD" keys to move

Playable game modes in India Uphill Bus Stimulator

Career Mode

There are two available game modes in this game. The first one is Career Mode. Like ShadoBird, this game also has many levels with different degrees of difficulty. Specifically, you are expected to complete 20 challenging levels. The higher the level, the harder it is. Do your best to accomplish all levels and become the greatest bus driver in India.

Free Mode

The second mode in this game is Free Mode. In this mode, your mission is to drive the bus to go everywhere you want. You don't need to pick up or drop off the passengers. Just drive and visit many beautiful sceneries. Play this mode if you want to practise your driving skill.