About Idle Pet Business


In the highly unique idle point-and-click game Idle Pet Business, you'll have to oversee the development of a cute little pet business from its humble beginnings. Your ability to purchase additional animals, raise the number of adoptions, and then expand the area in which your business is located will be made possible by your perseverance and excellent work in the world of social networks.

You are in control of the pet empire! Will you grow into the greatest animal tycoon ever? Upgrade your animals to increase revenue while making every effort to acquire the greatest investors. Enjoy the captivating graphics that will help you get the most out of this wonderful experience. Enjoy yourselves!


  • Beautiful graphics with a pet store theme.
  • Take care of animals including parrots, goldfish, hamsters, tortoises, dogs, and cats.
  • Utilize social media to increase sales at your pet store.
  • By locating investors to purchase your pet store, you can turn your reputation and business around.
  • Playing that adapts to all device shapes and sizes