About Idle Ants


In the entertaining idle game Idle Ants, you must establish and oversee your very own ant colony. You must first make your very first ant! Each ant needs a specific amount of food to form, but once formed, they begin to collect food for you. The price goes up a little bit for each ant you make. Once you have a small workforce under your control, you can make a queen ant, who will then generate additional ants for you on command.

As you advance, you can find and make new ant kinds like scientists and geologists. For example, a geologist gathers crystals that can be used to study new technologies for your colony. After gathering sufficient amounts of food, dirt, wood, and queens, you can eventually construct a nest, which generates queens on its own. This is a fantastic game that gets more complex as you play. Can you create a successful ant colony?


  • Ant colony management game
  • Customizable UI
  • Save and load system
  • Fullscreen available