Hungry Shark Arena


By consuming various life forms, you can grow your shark. Depending on the size of your Hungry Shark Arena, you can eat everything from little fish to underwater divers. Swim up to your victim to eat it, or left-click to boost for a more ferocious attack!


Kill, devour, and expand Take control of other players by spearing them with your tusk and devouring the leftover meat. Continue doing this until you are the ocean's most dreadful predator. Keep an eye out for mines and stay inside the moving limits.

Comparable games

Battle royale and captivating grow mechanics are present in a lot of other games. For more, check out our shark and IO games. A comparable game with an aquatic setting is called Stabfish.io. For something a little different, try Smash.


  • Combat and impale the aquatic adversaries.
  • Consume their remains to increase your size and strength.
  • To enter the game, pick a special username.
  • Obtain gold to purchase new sharks with a variety of powers and skills.