About HidenSeek3D


HidenSeek3D is an arcade game inspired by the Hide and Seek game. You have to seek all children before proceeding to the next level. Enjoy the traditional game!

Welcome to the fun arcade game based on the classic hide-and-seek game, HidenSeek3D. Playing this game is a great way to relax in your free time. In this game, you can only complete the mission if you locate all of the children who are hiding. Let's immerse yourself in childhood memories while having fun with others!

It is your responsibility to seek all of the children hiding throughout the building. Searching every nook and cranny will help you to find the children in every room. There are a large number of levels in this game. The next level is more difficult than the previous one due to the fact that there are more children and rooms after each level.

Features of HidenSeek3D

  • Entertaining game
  • Controls and mechanisms are easy to understand
  • Various levels with many different challenges

How to control

  • Use WASD or arrow keys to move
  • Click to seek