About Hidden Lands


Hidden Lands is a puzzle game where you need to find the differences between two floating lands. Then, you can discover the mysterious relics.

You want to play a game which finds differences with great graphics, Hidden Lands should be your choice. You are an archaeologist who finds the relics of forgotten civilization. Your duty is to find out the difference between two floating mysterious lands which have the same civilization. When you find enough differences, you can discover the valuable object of that civilization. Take care of the number of stars that are the number of differences. One more thing, remember to turn back the land.

Do you have sharp eyes, come to Hidden Lands to show your skill. You will have a memorable experience and relaxing time. This game is suitable for everybody, especially children.

Features of Hidden Lands

  • Fun and exciting game
  • Easy to control and play
  • 3D graphics

How to control

Click your mouse on the differences