About Halloween Ghost Balls


Halloween Ghost Balls is a fun online Halloween themed game. Annual Halloween is coming, how are you ready to spend? The yearly Halloween is approaching, are you prepared to spend? Why not try this game, and help the specter break through?

Incredibly straightforward mechanics involving physics, skill, and steering a separate squad of balls through the maze. Some components reduce the amount of ghosts and shadows, while others enhance the size of the group. To direct the group of ghosts along the path, use the mouse.

Simple advice:

  • Blue flame exposure will intensify your shadow. When you split, don't panic, simply return to restore the ball. The journey to the goal can then be continued.
  • By watching the film and receiving free cash in exchange for the skin, you can alter the character's skin to make it more attractive.


  • Interesting gameplay in the genre!
  • Beautiful and colorful graphics!
  • Intuitive interface!
  • Easy controls!