About Funny Bone Surgery


Play Funny Bone Surgery to become a real doctor! Help a little cute girl to cure her injuries and perform minor surgery to fix her broken bones.

A little girl, Leah, was skating on the street, but she was distracted and bumped into a parked car. She broke a bone in her hand and leg. Doctor, Can you help to treat her injuries and broken bones?

First, you need to give her a bath. Keep doing it until the progress bar is full. After cleaning her body, you need to treat minor injuries first. You should disinfect minor wounds and apply a personal bandage. Finally, feed the girl an anaesthetic pill and then help her to put on a breathing tube.

The next task is to perform bone surgery. At the start of the surgery, you have to sterilize her wounds and then do a minor surgery to fix broken bones. Make sure to complete all tasks to have a successful operation.

The final task in the task list is to customize the girl. You can choose stylist and beautiful hairstyles, clothes, and shoes to make her prettier. Come on! If you are bored of brain-teaser games like Word Swipe, why don't you try playing this game to have fun? Are you the best doctor?

How to play

  • Use the mouse to play

All achievements in Funny Bone Surgery

  • Super Cleaner: Clean all dirt on the body of the girl to get this achievement.
  • Intern Doctor: To get this achievement, you have to use all medical tools during the surgery.
  • Clear Eyes: Try to cure bruised eyes three times to earn this achievement.
  • Orthopaedic Surgeon: If you can complete the first task in the task list, you will get this achievement.
  • The Terminator: Attempt to terminate all germs in the wounds to gain this achievement.
  • Expert Surgeon: If you can finish the second task in the tasklist, you will earn this achievement.