Farm Day Village Farming Game


Farm Day Village Farming Game is an exciting farming game. In this game, your task is to raise livestock and grow crops to develop your farm.

The game simulates the work of a farmer. You will have to be always hands-on with billions of things like farming, planting, and caring for plants and pets. In addition, you have to do several stages before and after harvesting as trading and processed product. You also must regularly take care of the plants, choosing the right plant varieties for each time of the year, such as wheat, cotton, vegetables, and fruits. Start breeding with some animals such as pigs, and dairy cows, then move on to more complex breeds that require more time and effort, such as sheep, horses, buffaloes, goats, etc.

Do not forget to go around to collect more materials, plants, and animals that can bring in a lot of money. You must be wise with your scheduling and make sure that everything is completed on time if you want to succeed. Only then the farming process is effective.

In this game, you do not have to cultivate and raise livestock like in real life. But you need the skills to calculate carefully, regulate the crops and arrange the work of the day so that it is reasonable. The highest productivity makes the difference between good players and bad players. good. Make as much money as you can and buy the items you want.

Features of Farm Day Village Farming Game: 

  • There are many levels for you to try.
  • The difficulty of the missions is increasing gradually.
  • Various missions for you to complete.
  • Excellent picture, relaxing sound.
  • The game simulates a real farm.

How to play:

Use the mouse to play.