Fairyland: Merge & Magic


Welcome to the island of Fairyland: Merge & Magic, where you will find the most wonderful items ever! It is a distinct collection of merge fables that have been spiced up with genuine merge magic and does not look anything like your typical fairytales. There are countless options in this limitless universe of wonder. Your limit is only the sky! Ever wished you could own a dragon? Dragons, unicorns, leprechauns, and other fantastical animals can all be combined! Your rules apply to your merge world. Enjoy your dragon farm and merge your dragons right away! Interested in merging or collecting games? Create your own merge county, merge kingdom, or even a merge universe using your mergefield, and then populate it with a limitless amount of beautiful structures and creatures.

What merger will be the following? Characters from well-known works appear in intriguing new situations. Engaging story with a compelling main narrative and exhilarating side adventures.

  • Thousands of fresh places to explore and discoveries to be made.
  • Amazing merging puzzle tasks to do and rewards to obtain. Have you ever wondered what it's like to undergo such a merger?

Put an end to your self-doubt and begin playing this great merge game filled with merge tales. Fairyland is a great fit for you if you enjoy playing free online games and learning new things.


  • Discover fantastic items, then use them to build your own universe. You will enjoy playing our match games whether you're exploring foreign locations or living it up in a little country. Set up residence her
  • You get to decide! Almost anything you come across on your explorations can be combined, including diamonds, trees, even dragons. The mythological beast and every amazing gem are distinctive. Your capabilities are limitless.
  • You set the rules! The island is like a tiny, separate planet. Merges can be created anyway You choose! Nobody will be able to stop you from achieving your goals and living out your desires.
  • Participate in DAILY QUESTS to get gems and money while having fun on your merge adventure!
  • To expand your empire and get even better mates, mine different RESOURCES!
  • Explore enormous MAGIC realms populated by fascinating things, fascinating characters, and mystifying monsters in this limitless universe of merging games!
  • This experience is going to be ideal for you if you enjoy merging apps! Spend your free time with your favorite heroes on the enchanted island. Select a character, then proceed with them into combat. Gather items as you go and look for combinations that will help you win.