About Emoji Link


Emoji Link is a superb arcade game with an emoji theme. You have to arrange all given emojis into suitable positions where there are some available emojis.

Welcome to the land of vivid emojis with new and strange challenges! If you are fond of matching games like Zen Cube 3D, don't ignore this game. Have you ever participated in a game that used emojis as the main characters? Through Emoji Link, icons that were previously only available in social media messages or comments are now available in this game. The name of the game implies that you are responsible for connecting emojis according to the requirements of each stage. This level, for example, requires you to arrange the emoji parts in order to create a complete image. Another level, on the other hand, demands you to put emojis of the same type together in groups of four.

Featuring a variety of cute emojis, nice graphics and relaxing music, this game will bring you an interesting playing experience. Playing this game is considered as a good way to unwind your mind after a stressful day. It is also a useful tool to teach children to improve their image recognition.

How to control

Click and hold the left mouse to connect

Reasons you should try Emoji Link

Many levels

This game has a total of 80 levels. Unlike other games, all levels in this game are really simple. You can spend two hours completing all levels with no effort. Therefore, the game is suitable for all ages, especially children. When playing this game, children can learn many things about image recognition.

Developer and Platform

This game was made by SNSHUB and was launched in April 2022. It is available in the web browser and can be accessed on both PC and mobile devices. Therefore, you can play it anywhere and anytime as long as you have free time.