About Dynamons 2


Do you wish your cat had extraordinary abilities besides chasing yarn balls and sleeping all day? In the amazing series' second installment, Dynamons 2, ignore the adorable cat and focus on the dynamons instead! The incredible elemental creatures are back, and you can catch and train them now! While dynamons may not be as fluffy as your cat, they are certainly skilled fighters. Control them as you engage in combat with other dynamon trainers or the savage ones prowling the countryside! Can you establish yourself as the top dynamon trainer in town and assemble a potent group of skilled dynamons?

With the enjoyable gameplay that Dynamons 2 offers, the power of the elementals is at your fingertips. Although training and taming dynamons is not an easy task, every child dreams of becoming one. You must educate yourself before you can raise dynamons and call yourself a captain! Each of the five elemental groups is where dynamons are classified. Each elemental group has unique vulnerabilities and defenses. Plant types, water types, fire types, electric types, and shadow types are some of these elemental groups. You should carefully select your dynamons based on the types your opponent has and take into account all of the elemental groups to have a potent team of dynamons. A balanced team is what makes trainers successful. You must select your first dynamon when the game first launches. Your dynamon may initially appear cute, but as you lead them into battle and come out on top, they will gain experience points and level up to become a terrifying creature! Basic attack skills are available to lower-level dynamons, and as they advance in level, they will learn new attack types. You need to use a dynastone to level up a dynamon. These are available in six different varieties, one for each type of element and an additional one that can be used on all dynamon types. Therefore, venture out and gather as many dynamons as you can!


  • Various opponents to defeat
  • There are many dynamons to collect.
  • Engaging game play


Use your mouse to play this game.