About Dream Pet Link Rewarded


Pet Dream Link Rewarded is one of the top new mahjong match 2 games for kids that you can play right now, and one of the reasons why we think so is that it's yet another puzzle game where the tiles have animals on them. Because of this, we're confident that you'll want to check it out even more right away.

Play Drem Pet Link to receive fun rewards!

If two tiles have the same animal or pet on them and are free-that is, if nothing is in the way of a path that can be made by drawing a line between them-you can remove those tiles and earn points in return for them.

Keep finding matches to fill the time bar, which is slowly turning from green to red as you play—if it runs out entirely, you'll lose the level. The game will grant you up to three hints. There are a total of nine levels with varying degrees of difficulty, but we also guarantee that they keep getting more enjoyable.