About Draw Tattoo


Play Draw Tattoo and show us your drawing skill. In this game, you draw tattoos with different shapes to satisfy the requirements of the customers.

Have you ever had a tattoo? Have you ever wanted to be a tattoo artist? This game will make your dream come true. In this game, you will welcome different customers. They will ask you to draw different tattoos with different shapes such as a cloud, a heart, a mark and so on. Your mission is to hold the tattoo machine to draw them perfectly to earn as much money as possible and tips. You can choose one of three kinds of brushes and different colours on the bottom of the screen. Try to draw a shape which is similar to the available picture on the top of the screen. The more identical they are, the more money you can earn. Use the Undo button to restart again whenever you fail. Do your best to get 3 stars and positive feedback from your customers to claim a lot of tips. You can use the money you earned to upgrade your tattoo store.

The game has many levels with increasing degrees of difficulty. The higher the level, the more complex the shape is. Therefore, you have to play this over and over to practise your drawing skill. Much like this game, our website presents Hangman which is also an exciting game.

How to control

Slide your mouse to play the game.

Developer and Platform

This game was developed by BP Top . It was initially launched in March 2020. You can play this game in the web browser on both PC and mobile devices such as tablets or mobile phones. For that reason, you can play it at anytime and anywhere as long as you have spare time.