About Draw And Destroy


Draw And Destroy is a fun action game in which you have to draw lines to transport weapons to eliminate your opponents while collecting gold coins.

Welcome to this arcade game in which you can show your drawing skills as well as your creativity! In this game, your mission is to draw the projectile of your weapon. This projectile must start from your position and end at the enemies. Keep in mind that you have only one chance at each level. Therefore, try your best to kill all your rivals at once. If you can't do that, the level is failed. You can utilize bombs, spike traps or wooden bars to kill your enemies.

Besides, you can see many golden coins which are scattered in the arena. Don't ignore them as they are really essential. Draw the line through them to collect as many coins as possible.

Play this game now and have fun! This game was created by Proto Games in April 2022. Like Hangman, it is also available in the web browser on both PC and mobile devices.

How to control

Slide mouse to draw.

More interesting things about Draw Destroy

The challenging levels

There is a total of 33 levels with different degrees of difficulty. The higher the level, the harder it is. For example, the positions of the enemies will be trickier. Besides, you have to confront more opponents when you move to higher levels. Utilize your drawing skill and logical thinking to complete all challenging levels in the game.

A variety of weapons

The shop sells a variety of weapons at different prices and designs. For example, a knife costs 200 coins while an electric saw has a price of 800 coins. You can use the coins you earned to purchase your favourite weapon.