About Doodle God Ultimate Edition


Doodle God Ultimate Edition is a superb puzzle game. Match 2 different elements to create a new element on the Earth and observe the development of our planet.

Are you curious about the formation and development of the Earth? Play this game now to understand how our planet has developed. In this game, your mission is to mix two different elements like wind, water, earth, lava, and so on to create a new element on Earth. For instance, the result of a combination between earth and water is a swamp. The combination of the air and fire is energy. If you mix the fire and water, the result is alcohol. You can combine earth and lizard to make a beast Use the hint button if you get stuck. You will be rewarded many strikes after making a match. Earn as many strikes as possible to purchase more boosters in the shop and unlock 5 quests. You can spin the lucky wheel to get surprising rewards such as strikes, stars, hints or elements.

This game is developed by JoyBits, JoyBits Co. Ltd. It was initially released on January 27, 2017. You can play it on both PC and mobile devices such as tablets or mobile phones, which is identical to We Become What We Behold.

How to control

Use the mouse to play

Distinctive features of Doodle God Ultimate Edition

Many stages

This game offers 4 stages of the development of the Earth. They are Beginning. Technology, Morden Age, World of Magic. Each stage requires you to create different items. For example, in the Beginning stage, you only need to create some items like water, lava, stone or grass. Contrarily, in the Morden Age stage, you have to make knowledge, car, steamship, aeroplane, money and so on. Attempt to accomplish all stages and explore the Earth now.

All elements in the game

In this game, you are offered more than 3000 elements that you can combine to create a new item. You have to create enough elements in this stage to unlock the next one. For example, you need to make enough 4 elements in the Beginning stage to unlock the Morden Age stage. In the Morden Age stage, you have to create enough 100 elements to unlock the next one.

Many quests and puzzles

You are expected to complete 7 quests in this game. They are Run Santa Run, Save The Princess, Devil Vs God, Survivor, Greatest Invention, The Rise of Egypt, The Angel and The Imp. If you want to unlock them and play, you have to pay 375 strikes. Keep in mind that each quest has a distinct feature and mission. Try to complete all quests to obtain many valuable rewards.

Additionally, you also have to complete 6 puzzles with different topics. For instance, the Snowfall puzzle is about Christmas. If you want to accomplish this puzzle, you have to combine the ice and water to create the snow. Moreover, you also need to make ice cream and cakes on this special occasion.