About Cookies Must Die Online


Enjoy this fantastic adventure game with lots of action. Play the online game Cookies Must Die Online to assist the courageous Jack in eradicating the city's terrible mutant cookies. With your shrewd actions and skills, you can destroy your foes, repel attacks, and take down powerful bosses! Government scientists gave Jack unique abilities that were implanted in his body, making him a super secret agent! He grabs the strongest weapon and charges into fight! A thrilling and intense war starts. You'll find here deadly jams, vengeful cookies, ominous chocolates, and many more dangerously sweet characters!


  • An intense shooting game with platform gameplay.
  • Easy to learn, difficult to master (just swipe to jump or run)
  • Slow motion effects that allow for extremely precise shooting and give the impression that you are inside the Matrix.
  • Epic boss fights
    Upgrades can be made to explosive characters, weapons, and power-ups to unlock
  • Achievements and leaderboards for friendly competition
  • A game that is really engrossing and full of unexpected moments.


  • PC controls: Push the character while aiming with the mouse to smash the cookies.
  • Controls for mobile devices and tablets: Touch the screen to aim, boost the character, and smash the cookies.