About Civiballs 2


Civiballs 2 is an exciting arcade game based on the puzzle game. You have to make the balls fall into the same-colored amphoras and go on to the next level.

This game is inspired by ancient Roman themes with historic buildings and old infrastructure in this game. There are a variety of different colored balls. Your goal is to cut the chain that connects the balls to the ceiling and make all of the colored balls fall into the amphoras that are the same color as the chain you cut. What are amphoras, exactly, and how do they work? Originally from ancient Rome, the amphora is a form of a container with a pointed bottom, a certain shape, and a specific size. Throughout the course of this game, Amphora is the eventual destination for all of the balls of various sizes and forms. Color, on the other hand, is something that must be considered. You must arrange the balls into the same color amphoras.

Features of Civiballs 2

  • Exciting puzzle and arcade game
  • Various levels with many different challenges
  • Level up

Release Date

Mar 13, 2022

How to play

  • Use left moust button to cut chain
  • Use spacebar or press restart to replay a level