About Castle of Magic


Join the adventure to go to Castle of Magic. Your aim is to help the magician to use magic and defeat all the monsters on your road to rescue his girlfriend.

With simple game rules, this game will bring you a comfortable and unforgettable time. In this game, you will transform into the witch boy. Your goal is to fight many dangerous monsters to collect diamonds and trophies on the road to defeat the cruel witch Nefaxtas. At the beginning of the game, you will read a short story about this game. Then, it will show some magic door in front of you. Follow the instructions and go through the door to explore the adventure. On your road, you will see some magic books. It can guide you. You also encounter some rival witches. Use your power to eliminate them. You have 3 lives for each level. Therefore, if you lose all your life or touch your enemies many times, you will die.

Collect the hats to increase your life. A question mark can help you collect diamonds and open the door to the next level. Come in that door. Remember that you need to pick the treasure chests to collect as many diamonds as possible. If you overcome a magic door, you can go to the next door. Your last monsters in the magic door are dangerous and strong monsters. Try to defeat them and collect many diamonds. You have 7 doors that require overcoming. Can you rescue your girlfriend and become the most powerful witch in your kingdom?

How to play

Use the ARROW keys to move

Press the UP ARROW key to jump up and have a double jump

Press the SPACEBAR key to beat your enemies

Some incredible things about Castle Of Magic

The magical doors

In this game, you will have 7 doors that require you to overcome. These doors are parallel with 7 levels including Green Labyrinth, Pirate Ship, Cake World, Ice World, Space World, Inner Castle, and Nefastax. Each door will have 3 small levels. After 3 levels, you need to deal with a big and dangerous monster with a nonidentical ability.

The big monsters in each door

In order to win the game, you need to defeat 7 monsters. They include the Green Dragons in Green Labyrinth, Squid Monster in Pirate Ship, Bee Monster in Cake World, Snow Man in Ice World, UFO in Space World, Rocket in Inner Castle, and Nefastax. They are stronger at each level and have their own power. You need to avoid their attack to survive.