About Body Race


A fun game with ideas of a healthy lifestyle is Body Race Online. To receive awards for eating healthfully and avoiding fast food, you must finish your race.

As long as it doesn't harm your health, there are many different kinds of beauty. If you care about your health, give this game a shot right away. This game is an online one with a focus on leading a healthy lifestyle. So how can someone adopt a healthy lifestyle? You'll change into a female. You must gather fresh, healthful, and leafy fruits and vegetables. plus the appropriate workouts, such using weights, a treadmill, a skipping rope, etc.

Moreover, avoid high-calorie foods like hamburgers and soft drinks. Only needs to combine the above measures. When you reach your destination with a healthy body, you can meet your partner or try beautiful dresses.
Come and experience the game now!

Features of Body Race Online:

  • Cool visuals and animation in a fitness game
  • Multiple levels of simple gameplay
  • Get Coins

How to play

  • Click or tap to control